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The Pro's of Preserved Bonsai Trees

1. Minimal Care:

A preserved bonsai tree is a no-strings-attached bonsai. It adds beauty to the home but requires no effort from your side.

2. Can Be Placed Anywhere:

A typical living bonsai tree is placed, keeping in mind its type and the amount of light and humidity it requires.

However, a preserved bonsai tree requires no such care. It can be kept in a humid, dark place with no water or air circulation, and it still won't be affected.

3. No Cost Of Maintenance:

Compared to a living bonsai tree, preserved bonsai trees requires no trimming tools, fertilizers, or anything else that may add to maintenance costs.

4. A Good Conversation Starter:

A preserved bonsai tree is often a great conversation starter or icebreaker. Its beauty encompasses all, and they are left with nothing but to inquire about it. Once when you tell them you haven't watered it or trimmed it even once, there is a good chance that they will plead with you to order one for them as well!


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