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Preserved Bonsai Trees

Bonsai literally means: planted in a container. Bonsai is an ancient Japanese technique of crafting miniature plants in a container identical to larger grown plants, using all its natural elements.

Typically a bonsai tree requires years of care and crafting. So naturally, plant lovers and experts take pride in growing and taking care of bonsai plants. But it's not a task for the weak-hearted.

Not all have the time, patience, and the right skill to upkeep the requirements of a bonsai plant.

But that's not a problem anymore.

Preserved Nature brings you a range of Preserved bonsai trees. So whether you have the time or not, keeping a bonsai tree is now completely hassle-free.

No more watering, trimming, providing light or replacing dead leaves. Who knew showcasing the unique combination of art and horticulture could be this easy?

Given its growing popularity, we decided to answer some frequently asked questions regarding Preserved bonsai trees.

Bonsai trees have been a combined venture between the art and horticulture sectors. For years they have been used to decorate homes, offices, and places of value. They add a unique touch of elegance to the space, immediately uplifting its decor.

The only downside of these trees is that they require a whole lot of care.

But not everyone has the kind of time or skill to be able to grow and take care of a Bonsai tree.

So to make things easier, Preserved Nature launched a collection of ecologically preserved bonsai trees.

How Do Preserved Bonsai Trees Remain Looking Alive?

Preserved Nature uses ecological techniques that keep the plant alive and looking fresh for years to come.

As the company's name suggests, we preserve nature. These bonsai trees use neither silk nor plastic but real leaf foliage, which is carefully preserved, and a dried wooden trunk.

With a 5-year warranty and 0% maintenance guarantee, these Bonsai plants are made to last.

How To Take Care Of A Preserved Bonsai Tree:

An actual bonsai tree can take up to tens of years to fully grow, which we call the crafting period. All this time, a living bonsai tree needs maintenance, where consistent trimming, watering, and light will affect how long it lasts.

But that’s not how it works for preserved bonsai trees. Instead, preserved bonsai trees are crafted and grown to their fullest, after which they are preserved to last a lifetime.

A preserved bonsai tree quite literally requires 0% maintenance. No cutting, crafting, watering, or lightning is required for these bonsai trees to grow or remain their quality.

The only care your preserved bonsai tree requires is the need to be kept indoors, along with occasional dusting, to avoid dust from collecting over them.

Because preserved bonsai trees are preserved and require no amount of soil or water. They remain like a showpiece for you to add value to your home and enjoy its beauty without any of the care that a plant usually requires.

Preserved bonsai trees enhance your surroundings' look for years to come, even in the absence of water and light.

Can You Tell Apart a Living Bonsai Tree and a Preserved Bonsai Tree?

Your preserved bonsai tree will look as fresh and living as a real bonsai tree. But without the need for care and maintenance.

They're not like the other readily available artificial trees that are usually made up of silk or plastic. Instead, preserved bonsai trees are real and natural bonsai trees that are ecologically preserved and will last for years to come.

Is It Worth Investing In A Preserved Bonsai Plant?

People who truly love the art of greenery know how valuable the Bonsai tree is. However, for those who have little time for the art itself but value the result, a Preserved Bonsai tree is a dream come true.

Because it lets them enjoy the realm of Bonsai trees without the added responsibility and upkeep, a preserved Bonsai tree fits well in all lifestyles.

See our webshop for what preserved bonsai trees are available:


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