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Preserved Nature - Mummified Plants

Stolwijk, The Netherlands

Email: info@preservednature.nl



We all started somewhere

Our company started under the name Pseudofix. In this period we did amazing projects in many different places in the world. In 2004 Pseudofix became part of Westplant Green Facility. A few years later, in 2011 Westplant sold their company,, except for Pseudofix. In 2016 we started again, but now under a new name: Preserved Nature.


A history like this makes Preserved Nature one of the most experienced suppliers of preserved plants in the Netherlands.


There is always a better way

We believe in the solutions that preserved plants make available. Of course, living greenery is a great addition to the interior of your company’s building, but the reality is that living plants need a lot of attention and care.


Living plants cannot stay healthy or grow in every environment, and are affected by air flow, temperature, and lighting. Plants need a lot of care, which costs time and money. All of these factors mean that living plants need to be replaced in order to keep your company representative.


Quality over quantity

We often see that suppliers of living plants and trees want to have contracts, because the maintenance and regular replacement of the trees causes more sales. We believe that preserved plants are a better solution, so we specialized in high quality, naturally stabilized products. We personally make sure your project will not be distinguished from living trees.

Besides plants and trees, we can offer you green walls. Our green walls do not need water installation or any maintenance as well, besides they are cheaper per square meter. This way we can offer this all with low installation costs, sustainable high quality and no maintenance.


Our plants are designed to make things as convenient as possible. What we mean with our low maintanance costs is that our products don’t need water and don’t need to be cut. This way the quality will stay constant at all times.


Another great advantage is that preserved plants can be placed at any location in your company; there is no need to consider the amount of light, tempature or air flow. Because our products will 'live' for years, it is a sustainable investment.


The only thing you have to do after purchase is enjoy pure nature!



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