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An introduction

My name is Léon van Delden, owner of Preserved Nature. Before starting Preserved Nature, I was already interested in interior greenery, because I used to help my father in his company; Westplant Green Facility.


My interest in plants and trees leaned towards preserved plants and after a few years, I started seeing possibilities in starting a company. In 2016 Preserved Nature was born and I would be focussing solely on preserved plants, trees and green walls.

I love that preserved plants and trees are natural products, grown on plantations. And when they are preserved, through an ecological process, that clients can save on maintenance costs, without the loss of quality. Preserved plants and trees are not distinguished from living plants, which makes them amazing to me.


Ever since starting the company, we've done many beautiful projects in many different locations in the world and I hope we can help many more customers with their interior projects.

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There is always a better way

We believe in the solutions that preserved plants give. Of course, living greenery is a great addition to the interior of your company’s building, but the reality is that living plants need a lot of attention and care. 


Living plants cannot stay healthy or grow in every environment and are affected by airflow, temperature, and lighting. Plants need a lot of care, which costs time and money. All of these factors mean that living plants need to be replaced to keep your company representative.

That's where preserved plants step in. They don't need any maintenance or care. Preserved plants are truly an investment because you're saving costs, which means your preserved plants will be earned back over time. 


We all started somewhere

Preserved Nature started under the name Pseudofix. In this period we did amazing projects in many different places in the world. In 2004 Pseudofix became part of Westplant Green Facility. Together Westplant and Pseudofix did amazing projects all over the world. In 2011 Westplant was sold, and Pseudofix did not continue.


In 2016, we removed Pseudofix' curtain and re-opened the company, but now under the name Preserved Nature. Focussed on the preserved side of interior landscaping. 


A history like this makes Preserved Nature one of the most experienced suppliers of preserved plants in the Netherlands.



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