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We understand the transformative potential that preserved plants offer. While live greenery undoubtedly enhances the ambiance of your corporate interior, the truth remains that live plants demand constant attention and upkeep.

Live plants face challenges adapting to diverse environments—airflow, temperature fluctuations, and lighting conditions all play a role. Their care requirements translate into substantial time and financial investments. Moreover, the need for replacements can become a recurring cost to maintain your company's image.

Enter preserved plants—the ultimate solution. Free from the demands of maintenance. Embrace preserved greenery as a valuable investment that not only cuts costs but yields returns over time. Elevate your space with the everlasting beauty of preserved plants and experience the benefits firsthand.


Preserved Nature first was known as Pseudofix, and during this chapter, we embarked on remarkable journeys, crafting stunning projects across the globe. All while being forces with Westplant Green Facility, a collaboration that gave rise to extraordinary ventures spanning the world's horizons. However, in 2011, as Westplant changed hands, the Pseudofix chapter drew to a close. ​


In 2016, we unveiled a new era, shedding Pseudofix's identity and revealing our rebirth as Preserved Nature. This evolution marked our unwavering dedication to the art of preserving nature's essence within interior landscapes. ​


Our history is the foundation that sets us apart as one of the Netherlands' most seasoned suppliers of preserved plants. Trust in our legacy and join us on a journey that celebrates the enduring beauty of preserved nature in every space.

About Preserved Nature.

The owner of Preserved Nature, Léon van Delden had an affinity for interior greenery from a young age and was cultivated during his tenure at Westplant Green Facility. It was his father's esteemed enterprise, where he helped with the delivery of indoor flora.

The allure of preserved plants and trees lies in their authentic origins, having been nurtured on dedicated plantations. Through ecological preservation processes, our clients get the dual advantages of reduced maintenance costs and uncompromised quality. 

Since our beginning, Preserved Nature has orchestrated a multitude of beautiful projects across the globe. Our portfolio is a testament to our unwavering dedication to transforming interior spaces. As we march forward, we envision our company continuing to lend its expertise to clients worldwide, aiding them in realizing their interior design aspirations.

Timeline of Preserved Nature


Before Preserved Nature: Early Passion and Learning

November 2016

Founding of Preserved Nature: A Vision Takes Shape

2018 and 2019

Expansion Across Europe and Beyond: Reaching New Horizons

Léon van Delden gains experience and passion for interior greenery while assisting his father's company, Westplant Green Facility.

Preserved Nature was established, dedicated to specializing in preserved plants, trees, and green walls.

2018: Preserved Nature's products transcend borders, making their mark in various European countries, and captivating a diverse clientele.

2019: Breaking Boundaries: Preserved Nature's success story extends beyond Europe, venturing into the Middle East with sales that resonate across continents.


Navigating Challenges: Resilience in the Face of the Pandemic

The onset of the pandemic presented unforeseen challenges to businesses worldwide, including Preserved Nature. However, through adaptability and unwavering determination, Preserved Nature not only weathered the storm but emerged stronger, reaffirming its commitment to bringing the beauty of preserved nature to interior spaces.

2023 and onwards

Global Impact: Projects and Aspirations

With an ever-growing portfolio, the company aspires to collaborate with an even broader range of worldwide clients, contributing to their interior design visions.


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