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Preserved olive/nicoly trees

Preserved olive trees are a very popular option for indoor trees. There is a good reason for it. Just look at the beauty of a full-grown olive tree. It's truly an art piece created by nature. Next to the beauty, huge indoor olive trees can get costly and need to be carefully maintained.

In this blog, we'll talk about the preserved Olive tree or, how we also refer to them: preserved nicoly trees. Why do we also refer to them like this? You'll find out further on this page.

Together we'll quickly look at what preserved means. If you want more detail on the preservation process of plants and trees, take a look at our 'Introduction to Preserved Trees' blog. Here we've discussed all the details of preserved trees in general. If you're done reading this and anything is unclear, please take a look at our first blog for answers!

After we've looked at the process of preserving, we'll talk about 'Nicoly', this is the type of leave we use for preserved olive and nicoly trees. After that, we'll show what the possibilities are with preserved nicoly leaves and we'll finish with a short conclusion.

What does preserved mean?

Because we've already covered this subject our other blog, we'll quickly go over this.

Preserving means that living plants are taken from special plantations and placed in a hot room. In this room, the water in the plants' cells evaporate. The plants take in two liquids: glycerine and color pigment and after this process, the plants, trees, or leaves in this case, are preserved.

What's different now that our leaves are preserved? First of all, they don't need any water, sunlight or any other maintenance anymore, while still keeping their natural quality. Next to those benefits, preserved products will be representative for years to come, without any loss of quality.

Nicoly leaves

Now that we've covered what 'preserved' means, how it's done and what the benefits are, we're going to talk about a specific preserved product: nicoly leaves.

Nicoly leaves are our most popular choice of leaves for preserved trees. For us, they're easy to work with, which is nice, but it's mostly about their looks. When you look at the picture above, you'll see that the leaves look a lot like the leaves of an olive tree. When we build a preserved olive tree with preserved nicoly leaves, like the first picture on this page, you'll see that it won't be distinguished from a living olive tree.

After the preservation process, the details of the nicoly leaves are still amazing. As you can see in the picture below. When you these leaves on a tree indoors, you would probably assume that the tree was a living one instead of a preserved tree.

Even when we don't use an olive tree trunk, like the picture below, the result will still not be distinguished from a living tree. The nicoly leaves are just such a beautiful addition to any trunk, they will fit just right. This makes the nicoly leaves an easy choice for almost any indoor preserved project.

Installation of preserved nicoly trees

What you might have not expected is that the leaves are the only part that is preserved on a preserved tree. The trunk is mostly a dried trunk, which is treated against insects and pests. The trunk and the preserved leaves mostly arrive separately on the location of installation.

On location, preserved trees are build-up by hand. When we have a dried trunk of which the crown is groomed. You'll always be able to see where the original branches used to be. So we that as our guide when we build the preserved tree.

The combination of the preserved leaves, a dried trunk and nature as our guide, makes sure that you will not be able to differentiate a living tree from a preserved tree.

Possibilities with Nicoly Leaves

Now we've seen that preserved nicoly leaves are a very good choice for almost any project that needs an indoor tree. The only thing that is left to say that the possibilities are almost endless. Not only with the choice of the trunk, but also in the size of the tree or the diameter of the trunk. It's possible to build preserved nicoly trees from 3 meters in height up until 7 or 8 meters!


Preserved olive trees, or preserved nicoly trees, can be placed in almost any environment and are one of the most beautiful additions to your project.

So if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We're willing to assist you on your project and we can take care of transportation, documentation and installation on-site when needed.


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