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From moss walls to complete jungle effect. With preserved you do not need water or light installations and there is no maintenance. This way it's not only a cheaper purchase per square meter, but it's also cheaper monthly. 

See some of our preserved green walls projects below

See anything you like or do you have a personalized project? The possibilities with preserved trees are almost limitless.


Contact us for a free quotation.


Why you should choose a preserved green wall over a living one

  • 100% Natural

  • No maintenance

  • No costs after purchase

  • 5 years warranty

  • Always representative

  • Same positive benefits:

Healthier environment

- Stress-reducing

- Enhancing productivity

  • Can be placed anywhere inside

  • No effect on lifespan from the airflow

  • No watering needed

  • No water leaks 

  • Economical

  • 12+ year lifespan

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